Brandon Camarda - Getting Started with Bikepacking
Spring Ambassador Brandon Camarda, an avid adventurer, gives Spring Energy the lowdown on the world of bikepacking. Once you just put yourself out there and get into it, it’s all quite simple and you can start to layer in playing with gear and packing over time.” Whether looking for a new way to adventure or cross train, or just giving your running legs a break, bikepacking is your ticket!
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Returning to CCC by Kelly Wolf

Unsurprisingly, stomach problems are the highest cited problems for runners in ultramarathons with nausea being the most mentioned problem and also the greatest cited reason for people to withdraw altogether.

Kelly Wolf talks about her difficult first CCC 100K experience, and the breakthrough she's had with Spring Energy since then.

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Matt Graham - Tarzan of Southern Utah
We are so pumped to announce that we have added to the Spring Team Matt Graham -  Professional Survival Instructor, TV Host for top rated shows on both the Discovery and National Geographic networks, Author, and all around badass who is referred to as the real “Tarzan” of Southern Utah. We hooked up with Matt recently for some Q&A to get to know this fascinating human and what he has currently been up to in the wilderness world. 
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