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real food fuel for endurance

Spring yourself into a superhero.

Food is fuel and with good fuel your body will perform with the precision, strength, and relentlessness of the racing machine that you are.

Make your passion joyful and free of GI distress. Make it wholesome.

Become A Better Athlete

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Food Is Fuel

Fueling with real food is the healthiest and most effective way to manage your nutrition needs during any sports activity.

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No GI Problems

Spring’s finely tuned acidity and osmotically active nutrients improve absorption and reduce gastrointestinal distress.

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Performance Driven

Healthy nutriton for enhanced athletic performance without sacrificing your healthy lifestyle.

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Backed By Science

A balanced composition of carbohydrates energizes you to success without the adverse effects of sugar overload.

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Food Is Fuel

Some endurance athletes achieve their extraordinary strength and endurance through the help of simple whole foods. We follow their steps by providing products that are composed of only natural ingredients with minimal processing and no artificial components; low glycemic index foods, complex carbohydrates, natural MCT oils, wholefood proteins proved to be best for athletes.

Nature Has It All

Real food is the best energy source for most challenging endurance efforts. That is why all our products are made with wholesome ingredients.

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Fuel With

· Rich in electrolytes
· Anti GI formula
· No maltodextrin added
· No sugar added
· No preservatives
· No artificial flavors
· Only wholesome ingredients

Performance Driven

Spring products' formulas are created for optimal endurance performance

A traditional approach to sports nutrition ignored athletes and their bodies because it focused solely on research around cells and their metabolism. But athletes are more than just muscle cells.

We looked at research on digestion, absorption and transport of metabolites, and cell metabolism. Then we collaborated with numerous professional athletes to gain their perspective and experience on performance nutrition. Based on this knowledge, we formulated and tested our products.

Humans reach their maximum potential when they are fueled with REAL FOOD.

with Spring Drink Mix

Spring Energy is a game changer

But don’t take our word for it. Ask those who fuel with it during the hardest races out there, and make it onto the podium. Spring Energy is now represented by a team of the most incredible elite athletes who rely on our products to get to the finish line.

What Customers Say


Ever since switching my endurance nutrition to Spring, I haven't experienced any of the gastrointestinal issues that used to always plague my long runs and hard efforts. Thank you!

Carl S.

I can never go back! Brought along a Hill aid and Long haul on a 19 mile run with 4,813 ft of gain. I can't get over the natural taste and even feel in your mouth.

Shawn B.

I’m sold. Not only do I love the taste and ingredients but discovered the tab can stay with the main package.

Randy M.

Tried these out for the first time and absolutely love them. Easy on the stomach and gives me just what I need when I need it. This is now a main part of my fueling for races.

Stephen T.

Los Angeles, CA


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Los Angeles, CA


One of thereaded things in running 100 mile mountain races are the amount of gels I know I'll have to consume. Since I discovered Spring's Gels, I no longer have to FORCE myself to take in gels. Get my 250-300 calories in an hour much more easily!

Matt H.

Los Angeles, CA


I've been running ultras for 20 years and I've learned how important nutrition in both racing and training is. Spring tastes so good and gives me the calories I need. Unlike other "gels" that are sticky and cloyingly sweet, Spring tastes like real food and goes down so easy.

James D.

I had two Spring gels today and worked great. No after taste or stomach problems. Worked well, gave me energy and tasted well. Interesting and organic texture. Felt very healthy.

George S.

Los Angeles, CA


They say to never try something new on race day but I tried you guys for the 1st time during Mohican 50 miler. I had no GI issues. Love this stuff!!

Filip D.

Los Angeles, CA

Backed By Science

Spring's formulation is key

Spring Energy's balanced composition of carbohydrates helps energize you to success without the adverse effects of sugar and/or maltodextrin overload, which creates harmful spikes and dips in the energy supply. The addition of natural sources of MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) supports metabolic systems and sustainable energy supply without overwhelming metabolic pathways.

Spring Energy is your optimal nutrition!

Low Glycemic Index

Low glycemic index foods are beneficial as an energy source for endurance activities. They provide more sustainable energy and do not cause GI problems.

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Complex Carbohydrates

In contrast to sugar and dextrin, a mix of complex and simple carbs present in Spring products does not overwhelm metabolic pathways and cellular transport. As a result, Spring is being digested faster, and energy can be used more efficiently.

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Medium and Short Chain Fatty Acids

Many Spring products contain fatty acids that complement carbs. This mix of metabolites allows for better digestion and metabolism. Did you know that carbs are burned in the fire of fats?

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No GI problems

Spring’s finely tuned acidity and osmotically active nutrients improve absorption and reduce gastrointestinal distress

Gastrointestinal (GI) problems are a common side effect when using traditional energy gels during marathons, ultramarathons, triathlons and other endurance events. Real food is what your stomach is already built to process. With no artificial ingredients, preservatives, added sugars or coloring, Spring products are your best bet for a happy stomach during training and racing.