Frequently Asked Questions

1. Log in to your account
2. If your account has store credit, you will see a widget with the amount of store credit at the top right corner of any page (accounts with $0 will not have the widget displayed)
3. Click on the widget to use your credit

The Store Credit will be deducted from the the Cart Total accordingly. 

IMPORTANT: Store Credit cannot be used in conjunction with any discount code. 

1. Log in to your account
2. Click Rewards button located on home page lower left corner
3. Click Your Rewards and choose the reward you want to redeem
4. Click Apply Code

The discount code will be automatically applied to your Cart accordingly. 

1. Log in to yo ur account (if you do not have an account, you can create a new account here)
2. Click the red button located at the bottom of the page

3. On the pop up window, scroll down to section "Refer your friends"
4. Copy provided URL and share with a friend (your discount code will be automatically emailed to you once the purchase is made)

1. Eat Spring gel every 30-40 minutes during the race or training that last longer than 1.5 hour
2. Aim at consuming a minimum of 150-250 Cal per hour3. Hydrate with Electroride drink mix when needed (usually 15-30 fl oz per hour)

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Best by date is printed on the back or the front of each pouch along the side edge. Spring products have shelf life of 6 months. We recommend Spring products to be consumed before the best by date. 

We do not offer free sampling at this time. The best way to get a taste of all our products is to purchase our heavily discounted Sampler Pack

We do not recommend freezing our products unless they are intended to be consumed frozen. 

We announce Spring ambassador program through email. Make sure to sign up for newsletter and follow our social media. If you are a professional athlete please email your bio to

We select athletes who truly love Spring and are ready to share their passion for real food fuel with local communities and their social media audience.

In the selection process, we consider your social media influence and your current involvement in Spring brand promotion.


If you are unable to remove an unwanted discount code that appears during checkout, it is likely you clicked on a Spring affiliate discount link which passes a set of cookies to your browser to assure an automatic discount at checkout. 

To remove the unwanted discount code, you must clear your browser cookies. 

If you need help, refer to this article: 

How to clear cookies in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and other browsers.  

The date printed on the pouch is “Best Before”, not an "Expiration Date”. The "Best Before" is a quality indicator not a product safety. The "Best Before" date guarantees the product's specific properties to be valid up to this point. Once the date has passed, the product may lose its freshness, taste, aroma, or nutrients. But it does not necessarily mean that the food is no longer safe to eat. To decide whether the food is still edible, one should rely on their senses (sight, smell, and taste). The product should not be consumed if you find that the package has changed, the flavor has been compromised, odor and appearance are odd. Once a sealed product is exposed to air, it is prone to contamination. Thus, the "Best Before" date no longer applies to it. 

You can opt in to get your Spring products automatically delivered on 30, 60 and 90 days intervals. Select Subscribe and deliver option located above the Add to Cart button on each product page. 

1. Log in to your account.

2. On your account page select My Subscription link located the right side of the page under your Account Details.

3. Select the Subscription you want to cancel.

4. Click Cancel my subscription button located at the bottom left.

1. Log in to your account
2. On your
account page find the order number you wish to cancel

3. Click "Edit or Cancel" hyperlink located in the column to the right.

4. Follow prompts

You have 10 days after delivery to let us know about any issues with your order. We will do our best to make it right. 

IMPORTANT: Orders older than 10 days are final and will not be corrected.

If you have not received your order by an expected date, please email with your order number. We will let you know about the status of your delivery and we will assist you in resolving the issue. 

1. We are considering a package as lost when there is no updates to the status of the shipment on the carrier website for 14 business days. Then, we will reship your order.

2. Spring is not responsible for missing orders that show status DELIVERED on our shipping vendor tracking.

We highly recommend purchasing a low cost insurance option during checkout provided by Route.

Spring Gels are easy to open! Use a notch located at the top to tear the pouch across the opening as illustrated below. 

In the case your shipment is delivered to the wrong shipping address (this mistake often happens when multiple shipping addresses are present in the browser autofill), the customer is fully responsible for the shipping and shipment costs and no refunds will be issued.
If the shipment is returned to our facility, a store credit equivalent to the product cost minus the shipping cost will be issued. NO REFUNDS ARE AVAILABLE. Due to the nature of our product (real food), we do not resell returned items.


Yes, all Spring products are Gluten Free. Spring does not use or manufacture on equipment used with ingredients containing gluten. 

Spring requires up to 3 business days to process your order. In most cases we process orders within 24h. However, due to seasonal demand spikes processing time can take longer. We do not process orders on weekends and holidays. Spring is not responsible for any delays caused by the shipping carriers. 

Spring will not reimburse shipping on orders created by mistake. 

Spring is not a certified Kosher, however all ingredients used to manufacture Spring are 100% natural. 

All products are made with real food. We take pride in carefully selecting the vendors who provide highest quality ingredients. Moreover, all Spring products are manufacture in house. 

Products made with maltodextrin, sugars and artificial ingredients do not behave like real food. Spring is made with natural ingredients only and without any preservatives. Chemicals do not expire easily. Real food does. 

Spring is NOT RESPONSIBLE for missing orders that show status "DELIVERED" on our shipping vendor tracking.

1. Carriers often mark shipments as "Delivered" before the actual delivery.

2. Packages are sometimes delivered to neighbors (please check before inquiring).

3. We highly recommend purchasing a low cost insurance option during checkout provided by Shipaid.

In order to become Spring Energy retailer you must have a valid Reseller Permit. To apply for a wholesale account, please fill out the New Retail Account Request Form here. Once approved, you will receive an email with a passcode to access pricing and place orders. Applications are usually approved with 1 business day. 

Spring Gels are packaged using a specialized material combied from PET plastic and a thin aluminum layer. These metalized films are recyclable and should be recycled to reduce the pollution. However, please check with your local recycling facility whether this type of material is accepted. Spring Meal (Wolf Pack) is packaged using material made from plastic only and can be recycled along with regular domestic recylables. 


  1. ShipAid is a packgage protection platform offered to Spring Energy customers.
    To learn more visit
  2. To track your package visit:
  3. To fill out a cliam visit:
  4. ShipAid is an optional thrid party service and is not refundable.