I've been running ultras for 20 years and I've learned how important nutrition in both racing and training is. Spring tastes so good and gives me the calories I need. Unlike other "gels" that are sticky and cloyingly sweet, Spring tastes like real food and goes down so easy.

--James Demer


First time I tried the Long Haul was at a 35k event and was amazed that I didnt have any GI issues and cramping like I normally do when taking gel products. I was concerned at first not knowing what to expect since I’ve never used the product on my training runs but I’m so glad I did take the chance and I’m hooked on Spring products! Thanks to Yellow Runner for mentioning the products in her post feeds on FB and Instagram! #ArizonaDesertRunner



SPRING ENERGY is the only fuel I've found that not only fits into my nutritional plan, but also tastes great and provides solid sustained energy while training and racing in mountains. I'm so thankful I found Spring!

--Ash Walsh


I've had a very sensitive stomach every I lost over 160lbs, and it's especially sensitive to sugar. I've also fallen in love with marathon running, so the struggle to find hydration and energy packs that didn't make me physically ill was very real. I tried Spring products (Long Haul, Electroride, Power Rush, Hill Aid, and McRaecovery) as a last ditch effort before giving up on marathons completely. I'm not sure what the character limit on this review box is, but I'll just say I can't express how much I love these products. A couple of long runs in some very hot/humid weather and I still felt great. I'm looking forward to many more marathons thanks to the Spring products.

--Ben G.





You really are what you eat! To be a better version of yourself you need to consume better foods. Spring provides the best whole-food energy gels to give you the best version of your endurance self



As someone who has issues with typical gels and ends up carrying real food with me on 99.9% of runs, Spring is a great, easy to digest gel that does not upset my stomach and let's me keep going while I tackle my runs. Completed my last 50K with Spring Energy Gels and never had any stomach or bonking issues. Thanks Rafal for the samples, you've got me hooked!



Ever since switching my endurance nutrition to Spring, I haven't experienced any of the gastrointestinal issues that used to always plague my long runs and hard efforts. Has truly done wonders for my training, fitness, and recovery! Thank you!

--Carl Solomon


Just finished my first 50K using exclusively PowerRush, Long Haul, and Hill Aid. No walls and a new PR for the course. Thanks for making these!

--Casey Fisher




Tried the Spring Sampler today during my 14 long run and didn't have any issues. The flavors were good as well as the texture. I'll be getting more to use during training for New York.

--Cindy Vance




I am new to Spring Energy Gels. I used them on my last marathon in San Francisco and plan to use them for my first 50K Trail coming up. I absolutely love the flavor of the gels. No GI issues whatsoever. I am happy that I found a natural gel that provides the necessary energy to make it through my runs.

--Dan Jernigan


Spring Energy is a really good product.

--Dave Nelson-Ashley's Husband



It tastes so much better than regular gels. I’ve never been able to get in the planned amount of gels because the sweetness is too much and they give me GI problems at faster speeds.



They say to never try something new on race day but I tried you guys for the 1st time during Mohican 50 miler. I had no GI issues. Love this stuff!!



I had two Spring gels today and worked great. No after taste or stomach problems. Worked well, gave me energy and tasted well. Interesting and organic texture. Felt very healthy.



I really enjoy the taste and how easy these are on my stomach. They are one of my new favorites.

--Gloria King


I've used Spring for several long hard workouts and just used it for a new half marathon PR this past weekend. I can not thank you enough for creating a product that is so effective and easy on my GI system!! Your product is a game changer for me!

--Heather R


Omg. I tried a gel after a long hard run today and I loved it!! I'm definitely a fan and new customer. I love the fruit aspect. Thank you!!!

--ingrid walters


I've been running ultras for 20 years and I've learned how important nutrition in both racing and training is. Spring tastes so good and gives me the calories I need. Unlike other "gels" that are sticky and cloyingly sweet, Spring tastes like real food and goes down so easy.

--James Demer


When help was needed with an order, Adam emailed me back quickly and took personal interest in my situation. Very quick and helpful attention to customers.

--Jay L



Fantastic product!!!!

--Jeffrey Thomas


Just started using your products after seeing one of your ambassadors Sally McRae promoting it. I'm impressed, and more importantly I really LIKE the taste! There's a lot to be said for that 10 miles or more into a hot dusty trail run, when you have to squeeze some gooey mush into your pie-hole to keep from bonking.

--John Goldfield


I HATE gels....There is nothing worse than trying to choke down a sugar bomb when its 95F outside, especially when you know the end result is probably GI distress or a sugar crash. Two weeks ago I tried your sample pack and Electro+ride.......I love your product! Tastes great, sits well on the GI, and I felt "dialed in" nutrition/hydration wise. I have a 50k, a 50 mile and a 100 mile race coming up in the next 3 months. I could not be happier feeling as thought these variables (nutrition and hydration) are "checked off". THX!

--John J.


Spring nutrition has helped me so much in my running and I would not be the endurance athlete that I am now without spring nutrition.

--John Mckay


I used the peanut butter which to me tasted like peanut butter/jelly. Yummy.



I like it very much. They are not sweet, but tasty and healthy.



I was looking for natural fuel that is less sweet than typical gels and Spring delivers just that. I love the taste. I typically struggle to consume gels or gu's after I have had 5 or 6 which has lead to hitting walls in my long runs. I can eat many more of these and I never have to force them down because I actually look forward to eating them. Although taste is important. the fact that these have all natural ingredients was what led me to try them. Recognizing all the ingredients on the label and knowing what I am putting in my body is important to me. I even feel good about giving these to my kids, something I wouldn't do with the other gels. I love this product!



These things saved me in my race!

--Kathryn O'Donnell


Spring is amazing!

--Katie O'Donnell


These products have been phenomenal when I use them in my ultramarathon training and races! I love them so much, that I end up sharing my gels with friends, and keep having to order more. Thank you for creating a more natural, easier to digest fuel!!

--Katy Cook


This product has helped me to eliminate most of my hydration and refueling struggles on long runs (5-6 hrs). Thank you for a great product!!! Is there a plan to sell the Electroride Hydration in 20 pack as well? Otherwise keep up the good work! #justfeltlikemovingtocolorado



I want to thank you. I have been struggling for a few years now with food during an ultra. I worked with a nutritionalist earlier this summer prior my first 100 mile race. After some discussions with her, I started looking for a more real food option that were easy to pack. While I like to eat bars, sometimes chewing more energy than I want to deal with. I found Spring and fell in love. The mild flavors worked great and I didn't get pallet fatigue with either the gels or the electroryde. This was the first race I have ran that I didn't have issues with food. Thank you!



This product is by far the best product for performance...was experiencing cramps on my bike ride and start taking the energy drink along with power rush gel and in minutes my body was back performing. Amazing product !!



I absolutely love this product! I have used them on my long runs all summer, and I haven't bonked nor had GI issues! Blocks and other gels would leave my stomach in a knotted mess within 15 to 20 minutes, and I haven't had any issues with Spring Energy! The flavors are great, and my favorite is the McRae recovery! Thanks for making a natural product!

--Mary Elizabeth


One of the most dreaded things in running 100 mile mountain races are the amount of gels I know I'll have to consume. Since I discovered Spring's Gels, I no longer have to FORCE myself to take in gels. Get my 250-300 calories in an hour much more easily!

--Matt Hawkins


I love you!!! ...so happy I found SPRING! I'm spreading the word like a sponsored athlete. ;o) Thanks to Sally and Sage!




This stuff really, truly works! My new GOLD! Thank you SPRING!

--Monika Donlon


Based on recommendation by Sage Canaday, I thought I would give Spring energy a shot. I have been in long distance running for about 4 years now and one thing I always hated were the gels. I was hoping that someone would come up with something that really felt and tasted like real food and not a just a chemical concoction that is too sweet. I think I found that in Spring energy. I ordered a sample pack and tried it during my weekend long run along with their electrolyte pack. The gel tasted really good and provided sustained energy without spikes. The electrolyte also tasted good and has a zing to it and it not just sugary water. I have already recommended this is to a few of my running friends and give out some try., because i'm ordering more :)

--Murali Chandrasekhar


I was a pacer at Umstead 100 last weekend and used all three gels during the 13 mile HILLY loop and was amazed how powerful Spring was! I was strong and was able to keep my runner moving with no crashes in my own power. I just placed an order for Hill Aid and more electrolyte mix. It's very soothing for an ultra athlete tummy!! Thank you!!

--Nicole Berglund


I have been searching for a real food option for a long time here in Australia and Spring Energy is the answer to all my woes. I am so excited to have found a fuel that is honestly whole foods. And you can truly taste each ingredient. It's like sitting down for a snack while running along a trail but not having to stress about GI issues. No masking nasty chemicals with artificial sugars or sweetners. Just REAL food, that works!

--Nikki Burke


Gel worked great. It was rather cold and it didn’t get too thick to get out.



It really works!!!





I’m sold. Not only do I love the taste and ingredients but discovered the tab can stay with the main package.





I use this stuff as directed and it's great! Organic, vegan friendly. I love it.

--Rodney McGowan


I can never go back! Brought along a Hill aid and Long haul on a 19 mile run with 4,813 ft of gain. I can't get over the natural taste and even feel in your mouth .

--Shawn Bussert


Very happy with ElectroRide and hill aid. I always have an issue with taste and texture and both are great. They allow me to do what I love without any digestive upset or bonking. Nothing else like it!! Thank you Spring!



Tried these out for the first time and absolutely love them. Easy on the stomach and gives me just what I need when I need it. This is now a main part of my fueling for races.

--Stephen T