WOLF PACK - Endurance Meal for Athletes- 300 Kcal

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Pre-Race Meal For Endurance Athletes by Kelly Wolf and Spring Sports Nutrition. Made with wholesome, mostly organic ingredients and 300 of healthy and easy to digest Kcal.

Meal For Endurance Athletes
Meal For Endurance Athletes and Hikers


Oatmeal For Endurance


In partnership with Kelly Wolf, a world-class professional runner, we designed a new category of a real food prerace/pre-workout meal for athletes. 
  • Made with whole food ingredients 
  • Vegetarian (contains honey)
  • No preservatives 
  • Low sugar content 
  • Tasty 
  • Revolutionary formula preventing GI problems 
  • Diverse energy sources
    We created a new category of prerace/pre-workout performance nutrition Spring products. First in line is Wolf Pack 300,  a meal made with high-quality ingredients that you can have right before a race or a workout. It will help your performance without the risk of having GI problems. 

    Endurance Meal For Athletes And Hikers
    Kelly Wolf Spring Energy Athlete

    The headache of choosing pre-run meal...
    How many times did you wonder what to eat before a workout or race? 
    Wolf Pack takes away the headache of finding or choosing the right nutrition at the time it counts the most. We have spent several months testing this product and gathering feedback from professional and recreational athletes. They helped to shape this product and tested in the "war zone". We already know it works very well and helped our Spring Tribe athletes perform at their optimal abilities. 

    Wolfpack is a great fuel solution for long outdoor adventures no matter if you run, hike or bike!
    Best Nutrition For Runners

    We use source certified honey