AWESOME SAUCE - (Vegan) Load of Healthy Energy - 180 Kcal

AWESOME SAUCE - (Vegan) Load of Healthy Energy - 180 Kcal

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Awesome Sauce gel has been created for all athletes who want to fuel in a healthy way, with wholesome products free of highly refined and artificial ingredients.


Awesome Sauce tastes awesome! No refined sugar or artificial ingredients are added to Awesome Sauce! 


Various sources of carbs in the product prevent digestive system overload.

Awesome Sauce was created for all athletes who reject fueling with poor-quality products loaded with sugars and maltodextrin and strive for wholesome ingredients. It is ideal for those who want to fuel without being wary of stomach issues. The addition of small amounts of MCT and avocado oils helps with digestion and promotes fat metabolism. 

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are fats commonly found and are known for their unique metabolic properties and offer several potential benefits, especially for athletes 

  • Immediate Energy Boost: MCTs, in contrast to long-chain triglycerides (LCTs), are rapidly absorbed and transported directly to the liver. This swift process results in the rapid conversion of MCTs into ketones, providing an immediate energy source for the body and brain, which is particularly beneficial for athletes.

  • Metabolic shift: By utilizing absorption pathways that are different from those used by carbohydrates, MCTs relieve glucose transportation systems and stomach problems related to hyperosmotic overload.  Once absorbed, MCTs can increase fat burning and thus have the ability to preserve glycogen stores 

  • Improved Exercise Performance: Some research suggests that MCTs can help decrease lactate buildup in athletes during exercise, enhancing endurance and performance. They may also serve as an alternative energy source during prolonged exercise when glycogen stores are low.

  • Gut Health: High carbohydrate consumption and high glucose levels in the digestive system promote inflammation and a “leaky gut”, one of the serious problems encountered by endurance athletes leading to exhaustion and overall poor performance. The addition of MCTs can counteract this negative effect related to high carb consumption. MCTs might positively affect gut functions, including antimicrobial and antifungal properties, which could help balance gut bacteria and reduce inflammation 



Simple  /  Delicious  /  No GI Problems Formula  /  Silky Texture  /  Mouth-Watering Apple Pie Taste 

Highly intense workouts require fast-burning carbs. Awesome Sauce provides healthy and diverse carbohydrates that are quickly processed and metabolized by your cells without the risk of GI problems. 


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