The beauty of the Fastest Known Time
By Jeffrey Stern   The beauty of the FKT (Fastest Known Time) is that they are made for everyone, wherever and whenever you want  You can go after big, audacious ones like the Grand Canyon Crossing or the Zion Traverse,...
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Western States 100 Miler Recap
Finishing one place higher would have been great, and I would have been very happy with that. But to battle the way we did, to the very finish, and thoroughly test ourselves against one another, showing pure grit – because that’s all that is left after 99 miles of running, brought much more pleasure than if it had been an easy or normal jog to finish.
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Running Form With Sage. Part II- Stride & Speed

Running Form With Sage Canaday. Part II- Stride & Speed. This is why when you watch the elites at a marathon running under 5:00 per mile pace they dont look like they are sprinting. They are likely running with a similar stride rate as you are, but their stride length is huge! 

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