Amanda Basham and Motherhood
Last month we congratulated Spring Team Athlete Amanda Basham with the birth of her second daughter, who is 16 months younger than her older sibling. As Amanda embarks on this journey with a growing family, her direction with running, training and racing might look different, but is still very present in her life.
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Positive Energy Balance: Bones and Periods
By Kelly Wolf   Optimizing nutrition for optimal performance is not just about eating healthy foods. Just as important, is eating ENOUGH food.  The energy requirements for runners and athletes are immense, often greater than one may think. It can...
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The beauty of the Fastest Known Time
By Jeffrey Stern   The beauty of the FKT (Fastest Known Time) is that they are made for everyone, wherever and whenever you want  You can go after big, audacious ones like the Grand Canyon Crossing or the Zion Traverse,...
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