Overcoming GI Distress
Even top elite athletes experience bouts of GI distress from time to time. You might be at peak fitness level, but if GI issues crop up during a workout or, even worse, on race day, it can be a show-stopper....
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Positive Energy Balance: Bones and Periods
By Kelly Wolf   Optimizing nutrition for optimal performance is not just about eating healthy foods. Just as important, is eating ENOUGH food.  The energy requirements for runners and athletes are immense, often greater than one may think. It can...
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Before switching to Keto
  Rafal Nazarewicz (Ph.D. founder of Spring, sports nutritionist) and Rob Grissom (USA cycling coach) get right into the heart of the topic regarding Ketogenic diets. If you have had any interest in the subject if Keto may be right for...
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