Rafal Nazarewicz Spring Energy Founder and CEO



From Rafal Nazarewicz – the creator and gatekeeper of Spring Sports Nutrition, Inc.

Your competition is not against the athlete next to you. It is against the athlete inside of you. That’s a good saying to live by. But what if that athlete inside you feels like crap? Then you have to hold your stomach and limp the rest of the way home. Hey, I know what it’s like. Been there. Done that. It wasn’t pretty. My name is Rafal Nazarewicz. I’m an athlete, scientist, and sports nutritionist for professional athletes and weekend warriors. Including – and especially for – the ones who have digestive issues.

Me at the Leadville 100 finish line, one of the hardest and, technically, my worst performance wise races. I have run over 50 different road and trail races, but it was still the most rewarding– because I did not quit!

Whether you are a hardcore athlete or a weekend warrior, many of you have had stomach and head troubles during your many long runs or biking because of the type of “fuel” you ate or drank. It’s frustrating to work crazy hard and then have your body shut down because of poor nutrition. Not only that, your stomach and intestine throws a fit! I spent 20 years in science labs at Ohio State, Vanderbilt, Emory, and Stanford Universities researching on how the human body functions at the molecular level for energy…

…and now, as a sports nutritionist and researcher for long-distance runners and bicyclists, I created a line of “tasty” whole food energy gels and drinks to help you be better than you were yesterday – including your digestion. The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday! Gels and drinks that go down easy while still running and biking. Digests easier – absorbing quicker into your bloodstream. Tastes more like food. Because it is food! Keeps your brain and central nervous system focused and alert. Helps maintain your attitude of aggressiveness and sense of fun. Together, with my partner and friend, Adam Goleniewski, we take care of you with whole food energy gels and drinks – so you can feel your best, so you can do your best. If you have any questions or comments, I’m listening: Rafal@MySpringEnergy.com
~ Rafal Biochemistry, Bioenergetics