Olaf Wasternack

I am a runner, turned cyclist, turned runner in the pursuit to become a long-distance runner. I grew up as runner but switched to road cycling when I was 24, as it felt more exciting. I won the Cat 4 State Championships on the road and in the Time Trial and had some minor success as Cat 3 rider but realized quickly that I was out of my league when moving up to Cat 2, causing me besides other reasons to go back to running.

Since I started running again in 2010 I have competed in 16 Marathons (PR 2:37) and 16 Ultra-marathons. I appreciate the most the process and the preparation it takes to reach my goal and to be able push myself to new levels. In 2016, I managed to run 5 marathons in 5 days (The Jackal Marathons) and to finish with 66.5 miles at Run Under The Stars – KY (10hr). However, the highlight for me as a runner so far was the 3rd place overall at the NorthCoast 24-Hour Endurance Challenge in 2015 with 140.2 miles, which qualified me for the National Team but was not enough to actually be on the team.

Although I am a big fan of eating cookies, for racing and long runs I trust the natural ingredients of Spring Gels. It is absolutely crucial in, especially in long-distance events, to have the right source of fuel.


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