Denise “Tiny d” Bourassa

Denise “Tiny d” Bourassa

At 5’ and 100+ pounds you now know where my nickname comes from!

I feel as though I have been running forever, but no. I started Ultrarunning in 2008 and have been chasing the adventures that ultrarunning offers ever since. With 19, 100-mile races under my feet I would consider myself a seasoned runner and at 49 years I feel very fortunate that my body continues to allow me to play chase on the trails...competitively.

I am an operating room nurse by trade which offers me the ability to pay for my passion. Currently living in Missouri having followed my heart, aka Frenchy and am in the beginning stages of relocating to Colorado Spring of 2019! Why?? Because the mountains are my happy place.


San Diego 100 F3
Berryman 50 mi; Female champion
Mad City 100k USATF 100k Championship; F3
Howard Aslinger Endurance 12 hours; Overall Champion
Land Between Lake 50mi ; Overall Champion
Chimera 100mi Overall Win
• 100 Miles of Istria F3 (UTWT race)
• Black Canyon 100k F2 (Golden Ticket race, injury had me DNS WS) • HURT 100mi Female Champion


Western States top 10 finisher x2
Ultra Cup Champion 2012 and 2013

Grand Slam 2014; 4th Fastest Female time

Calendar 2019

** = Ultra Trail World Tour Races

  • Jan— HURT 100

  • Feb— Black Canyon 100k

  • Aril— Istria 100**

  • June— If not WS100 then Laverado 120k**

  • Aug— UTMB (fingers crossed)**

  • Sept— Superior 100 if not UTMB

  • Nov— Javalina 100**

Twitter: @TinyDBourassa

Facebook: Denise Bourassa

Instagram: Tinydbo

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