Congrats to our ambassador, Ryne Anderson. He just finished his first Bighorn 100. Read more on his blog (read more)
“Bighorn is a first class event. The volunteers braved the awful conditions day and night and catered to the needs of all the runners perfectly. Many of the aid stations were so remote that supplies had to be hiked in or ridden on horse or ATV. Yet, almost every aid station was stocked with warm food and had everything a runner could need.
I lost count at some point but consumed around 50 Spring Energy products along the way. I had zero stomach issues all day. Spring Energy makes all their products, 4 gels and 1 electrolyte mix, from 100% real food and zero added sugar. I’m extremely grateful for their support.
And big thanks to Nashville Running Company for their support. I’m glad to be on the race team for the store that helped me get my start into trail running.
Only 175 of the 373 racers finished the 100-mile run for a finisher rate of 47%. Kudos to every single runner, crew, and volunteer who was out there.”

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