Ruth Croft

Ruth Croft

Ruth Croft is an Adidas Terrex athlete who joined the Spring Team in 2023. She grew up in New Zealand with a more traditional track and field, cross country and mountain running background. Ruth never trained on the roads and her Sunday long runs were always on the trails. She later got into ultra running while living in Taipei, Taiwan, with the Taiwan North Face 50k being her first ultra. 

If you check out Ruth’s racing resume on ultrasignup, it displays mostly top 5 finishes, which makes one ponder, has she ever had a bad race? When asked, Ruth gave the perfect response:

“I suppose the more important question is what do you consider a bad race? For me a bad race is not about getting on the podium or not, more about having a race where mind and body are not cooperating and the enjoyment isn’t there. And for longevity and joy in a sport I believe it is important to not be outcome dependent.”

You can follow her on Instagram: @ruthcrofty

Images by Roy Schott and Dom Channon