Kelly Wolf

Kelly discovered the sport of trail running in 2015 after returning to the States from a 2 month rock climbing adventure in Europe, looking for something new to refresh from the trip. Trail Running soon meant Ultra Running for her and she was hooked, amazed that she could explore so much of a landscape in single efforts. This became her new favorite means to explore the world, particularly being attracted to SkyRunning which involves scrambling and much vertical ascent, blending her climbing background and a new love for running together perfectly.

Kelly immediately threw herself into high profile ultras and quickly rose to the challenges of distance and elite competition.

You can follow Kelly on Instagram: @kel.lupo

Kelly fuels her adventures, training, and recovery with a plant-based, whole foods diet, certain that optimal nutrition is required for optimal performance. In alignment with this belief, she is ecstatic to fuel with Spring Energy.

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