Jake Jackson

Jake is a husband and proud father of 3 who loves pushing his mind and body further than he had ever thought possible. A Southern California native he picked up running in 2011 as a way to lose weight and improve his health. Not too long after he began winning local half and full marathons and set his sights on seeing just how far his feet would take him. 
After several years trail running soon took the place of the roads and being in nature is where he feels most alive. Going out for long solo runs in the nearby mountains clears his mind and rejuvenates his soul. 
The discovery of Spring Energy and a change in diet has made a huge impact in his running. 2018 has been a breakthrough year setting a course record at Paramount Ranch 50k, a win at Coldwater Rumble 100, two course records at Nanny Goat 24/100, a 2nd at Angeles Crest 100 and a recent win at Javelina 100k. He runs for Orangemud, rabbitELITEtrail, XOSKIN and helps support a nonprofit charity