Beth Pascall

Growing up on a farm in rural England, Beth's love for running began at a very young age in the form of chasing cows and sheep around the countryside. Likely as a result of this active start to life she had reasonable success at many sports as a teenager; hockey, cross country running, horse riding.

At university, she accidentally became an elite level lightweight rower. When the rigorous rowing schedule became too much to fit around her work, Beth started trail running as a convenient form of exercise to fit around her busy life as a junior doctor. She was naturally good at it and quickly became hooked. That was back in 2014. Since then she has completed nine one hundred (plus) mile races all over the world.


Her career highlights include taking 4th at the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc in 2018 and 4th at the Western States in 2019, and taking 1st place at Western States in 2021. She runs for Salomon and continues to balance her training with her work as a pediatrician, her two greatest passions