Product Inconsistencies

At Spring Energy, we are extremely thankful for your continued support and loyalty as we have been navigating the reported inconsistencies in some batches of our products over the past few weeks. We have been working tirelessly to identify and rectify all possible concerns since this was fully brought to our attention, and we are happy to share that all product variance issues have been solved, and Awesome Sauce will be available for purchase online starting today!

We value our customers and partners dearly, and we take our standards seriously, so this has been a shock to our system, and we would have liked to address the situation differently than we did over the past few weeks. We are sorry that we have let you down - we are always learning, and we remain ever committed to being the Spring Energy our customers have always known and trusted, and we thank you for your patience as we have navigated these issues.

Having now completed our testing and analysis, we would like to share a full overview of the situation, including detailed information on our findings and what you can expect from our products moving forward.

Thank you again, and we look forward to continuing to serve this amazing community with all-natural and high-performance products that exceed our standards.

—Spring Energy



  • We created Awesome Sauce in 2020 to provide customers and athletes with a powerful source of nutrients that they can enjoy in a convenient, delicious form, derived entirely from 100% all-natural, real ingredients.

  • We were proud and excited when we had officially finalized our formulation for production—and we have been truly blessed by the positive reception from the community since its launch—it has been a go-to favorite for customers, and ourselves, for four years straight. 

  • With our formulation and manufacturing processes in place and all indications being that they have been functioning as designed—our team has been focused on all our forward goals and areas of operations, and admittedly, we seem to have missed some blind spots that developed here over the last year.

  • Unfortunately, even while we regularly experiment to reinforce and enhance our formulations, we overlooked some of the variables that can come into play in food production when using all-natural ingredients.


  • While members of the team became aware of some initial commentary about the consistency of our Awesome Sauce gel sometime in April, it wasn’t until May that we more fully realized these were not just isolated comments on social media. As soon as we became fully aware of recent complaints, we immediately took to our manufacturing facility to assess the production processes and try to determine any possible causes of inconsistency. In combination with the lab testing and analyzing each ingredient along every step within the process, we eventually identified some aspects that led to certain batches becoming overly diluted – affecting their nutritional value. 

  • We recently referenced these aspects in a note to Spring Energy customers, and now that we have completed our full assessment, we are happy to share further details. One of the main ingredients in Awesome Sauce is its rice component. Cooking rice seems like a simple process in a kitchen, but it can be slightly more complicated to obtain a specific by-product in an industrial setting with commercial appliances—ultimately, we determined that the cooking method we used left too much room for variation in the final product. We also discovered higher levels of inconsistency than expected in the supply of applesauce that was being used across batches. We have alternated between various suppliers in the past, as one of the challenges in using all-natural ingredients is the continual variation between items from one season or source to the next. In a similar way to that apples can vary in taste or size; applesauce can differ in viscosity—and in this case, we ultimately determined the supply was not translating as desired to consistently meet the calculations used with the original formulation. 

  • Combined, these two factors led to batches that were overly diluted and unfortunately, failed to translate the calculations used for the original Awesome Sauce formulation.


  • After identifying these aspects, we continued assessing for any other weaknesses in our processes that could contribute to possible changes in the product. We did not discover any other areas of impact and have since made appropriate adjustments in our cooking method, ingredients, and formula calculations to counter-act against a greater threshold of variation.

  • We are confident that we have fully addressed the issue and have confirmed the adjustments with multiple third-party analyses.

  • We are happy to share that all products currently listed on our website are up to Spring Energy and our customer’s standards – still containing the natural ingredients that have been known for fueling our athletes.


Since we know that the results are important to you, we wanted to share the specifics of our adjusted products so that you can ensure exactly what you are fueling your body with. We want to assure you that Awesome Sauce, Hill Aid, and Canaberry consistently perform at their target nutritional values, as shown in the results below:

AWESOME SAUCE Certificate of Analysis
HILL AID Certificate of Analysis
CANABERRY Certificate of Analysis

Please note the laboratory results are calculated per 100g of product. To obtain the actual Calorie value for each product, please multiply the lab result calorie values by 0.49 for Hill Aid, 0.46 for Canaberry and 0.6 for Awesome Sauce. 
Additionally, we have gone even further to test our entire product line and 
can confirm that all products now available on our website is consistent with the targeted nutritional value and will be there to help you perform whenever you need it!


Q: What happened?

  • We were recently made aware of reports that some packets of Spring gels were registering nutritional levels that were inconsistent with their design formula. We comprehensively assessed our manufacturing processes and identified two contributing factors that have since been updated to counteract greater levels of variation between batches.

  • Following these changes, we have rectified all issues, and the updated products are available online now!

Q: When will Awesome Sauce be available again?

  • We are happy to share that following a reformulation and multiple third-party tests to confirm the results, Awesome Sauce is available for purchase now on our website!

Q: Since you reformulated Awesome Sauce, is it still the same Awesome Sauce?

  •  Just as we initially designed, the updated Awesome Sauce provides customers and athletes with a powerful source of nutrients in a convenient, delicious form derived entirely from 100% all-natural, real ingredients.

  • To counteract greater variation between each batch of Awesome Sauce, we made formulation and processing changes that ensure every packet is in line with target nutritional values. With those changes, the product may taste slightly different, but it still has the delicious apple cinnamon flavor that users will know well.

Q: What changes are you making to ensure product quality moving forward?

  • We continually update, reinforce, and enhance formulations for our different products as we always seek to deliver the best quality supplements possible for customers. However, as our product line has grown, we recognize this is not a substitute for more regular testing of batches in ongoing production. In addition to making some subtle updates in our production processes and changes in our ingredients sourcing, we have committed to more regular testing of all outbound products to ensure there are no overlooked issues in quality. We are dedicated to ensuring that we continuously produce the best products that are up to the Spring Energy standard that you have come to know and love.