How to Fuel for Your Menstrual Cycle!
By Jade Belzberg Last month, I ran Noble Canyon 50K, a classic race in the Laguna Mountains outside of San Diego. I knew it would be a tough race, not because I wasn’t trained or temperatures were expected to be extreme—my...
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Running Form With Sage. Part II- Stride & Speed

Running Form With Sage Canaday. Part II- Stride & Speed. This is why when you watch the elites at a marathon running under 5:00 per mile pace they dont look like they are sprinting. They are likely running with a similar stride rate as you are, but their stride length is huge! 

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Running Form Series with Sage Canaday. Part I
This post is about acquiring your best running form ever. The “Sage Running Form” I use is accomplished with these goals in mind:      To reduce your risk of injury      To help you run faster, further and more efficiently...
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