Zac Marion

I began running as a means to lose weight in my unhealthy and obese mid-20’s. It was natural for me to find football and baseball as my sports growing up having always been one of the bigger kids. But after searching for a higher quality of life and losing almost 100lbs, endurance running and nutrition became a lifestyle for me. Eventually the pavement ended and I found a love for the trails and terrain around me in the Wasatch Mountains. Nutrition became an increasingly important part of the equation as I tried to push new distances and my own personal limits.

For me, the fun is in competition with myself and always looking for different challenges, whether that’s speed, distance, terrain, stage racing or even OCR. That attitude has pushed me onto the podium at many races from trail half-marathons to 100-mile mountain races, collecting a few CR’s and even a USATF title along the way. Wanting to stay well rounded, my pursuit for improvement led to taking a few years to focus on academics as I completed a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Utah. I had the experience, the training, the knowledge, but something was missing. My nutrition plans never worked out and I just figured that was part of the sport. But then I discovered Spring Energy after complaining about my stomach to Sally McRea.

Finding running has completely changed my life for forever. I find the energy of moving quickly and efficiently through the mountains very sustaining in my life. I’m compelled to explore more of myself every day through this medium. And finding Spring Energy has allowed me to do it faster, longer and happier. I’m excited to represent the Spring Energy Tribe all across the globe in my relentless pursuit of self-discovery through running and endurance.