Remi Bonnet

My name is Remi Bonnet, I come from a small mountain village in Switzerland.
I have a big passion for the mountain and nature. 
I practice trail running in summer and ski mountaineering in winter.
What I like the most in those practices is that I can go where I want without any limits making my own way up to the summit. 
From my 18, I can live from my two passions and can compete around the world and discover a lot of amazing places. 
I’m running for the Salomon international team and I’m RedBull athletes.
My  highlights:
In ski mountaineering:
I won several world championship titles in the junior category as well as in the elite category. In the World Cup, I managed to climb several times on the podium.
I finished 2nd in the 2018 Patrouille des Glaciers. 
2019 Team Race World Champion
Bronze medal in the vertical race
In trail running: 
World champion of the vertical kilometer 
Victory at the Zegama Marathon (Spain)
Victory at the Pikes Peak Marathon United States
Winner of several Skyrunning World Series
(The Rut, Limone Skyrace, Lantau 2 peaks,...)