Megan Roche

Megan initially fell in love with running as an over-energized four year old who loved to run laps around the neighborhood for fun. She played field hockey collegiately and then returned to her running roots by taking an extra year to run track at Duke. While on the track, she kept eyeing her best friend’s (then boyfriend’s, then husband’s) pursuits on the trail.

In 2013, she got into trail running while in her first year of medical school. She went on to become a four-time USATF Trail National Champion, a seven-time member of Team USA, and the North American Mountain Running Champion. She could likely represent the US in a post-run pancake eating contest.

In 2016, Megan started coaching with SWAP (Some Work All Play) after eyeing her husband David’s coaching pursuits. Together, they coach some of the world’s fastest, funniest, and kindest trail runners with the motto, “Live Like A Puppy, Run Like A Rockstar.” They are currently finishing their first book (expected Fall 2018), which discusses training and life principles highlighted by a large number of puppy and pizza references.