Martina Valmassoi

Photo by Philipp Reiter
My "career" as an athlete started in 2008 when I started practicing ski mountaineering and soon after just a few races, I joined the Italian National team.
I grew up as a nordic skier and mountain lover thanks to my parents who were also doing any kind of outdoor sport, from rock climbing, to gliding, running, biking and so on.
Photo by Philipp Reiter
After 14 years or so of Nordic ski thought, I needed a change. That's why I started Skimo. And my mom was racing as well.
I've been in the national team for more than 10 years and got some medals at European and World Championships. Last ones, two bronze medals in the team race and in the relay at the World Championships in 2016 in Alpago, Italy.
Photo by Philipp Reiter
The last 3 years after starting working as a photographer and content creator for Salomon Running I started taking running a bit more “seriously “ as I had to run for work.
Photo by Philipp Reiter
I wanted to try a longer race and so I registered at the Rut 50km, and incredibly I got third!
Since then I found that distances around 50/60 km on technical terrain were the ones that suited me most.
I’m still mainly working at races in summer but I really love to challenge myself sometimes and push my limits. I’m really glad to be part of this world.
Photo by Philipp Reiter
A couple of highlights 
  • 2011:
    • 5th, World Championship, relay, together with Corinne Clos and Silvia Piccagnoni
    • 5th, World Championship team, together with Corinne Clos
    • 5th, Pierra Menta, together with Mireille Richard
  • 2012:
    • 3rd, European Championship, relay, together with Gloriana Pellissier and Elena Nicolini
    • 4th, European Championship, together with Corinne Clos
    • 10th, European Championship, sprint
  • 2019

                   2nd, Marathon Du Mont-Blanc (run 90K)