Elisa Laverty

Elisa is a trail and ultra runner, that also enjoys throwing in some speedy road races every now and then to add to her versatility.
She lives on beautiful Bainbridge Island, WA in the shadow of the Olympic Mountain range; where she can often be found exploring new trails and running with friends.
As a mother to an energetic toddler, that means balancing her work as a childcare provider and climbing gym instructor, to fit in quality training for her races, as well as being a present mom and wife.

In her spare time, you will either find her in the kitchen cooking up nutritious meals and treats for her husband and child, or working on a new crochet project.
Elisa is very passionate about running and spending time out on the trails, and wants to share that joy with others by whatever means.

In 2019, she’ll be focusing on races and adventures that bring joy, but also challenge her to compete at a high level.
Some of the races on her 2019 schedule include, Broken Arrow skyrace 26k, Race the Wolf skyrace 25k, and Crystal Mountain Sky Marathon.

Having a reliable energy source is crucial for competing well, which is why Elisa decided to start using Spring Energy to avoid the bonks and run fast without feeling any stomach distress. It is her primary source of nutrition for all her adventures and races, which has been a game changer.