Dani Moreno

Dani Moreno

After a college running career, Dani took a brief hiatus from the sport due to mental and physical burnout. As a result, she took some time to explore new activities, including climbing, canyoneering, spearfishing, and motorcycle riding. Dani credits this time as necessary and essential, considering it helped reignited passion for running. And, although it took her some time to get back to regular training, she hasn't looked back since.


Focusing on races primarily between 20km-45km, Dani likes running fast, especially on the downhills. She plans on focusing on sub-ultras for a few more years, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have her eye on some longer races. With notable wins at the NACAC Mountain Championships, Broken Arrow 26k, and USA 50k Trail Championships, Dani has demonstrated that she has a wide range and has expressed that she can't wait for the day to be on the starting line of her first 50 and 100milers.


Her racing highlights include:

  • 4 x Team USA Member
  • USA Trail Half - Marathon Champion 2020
  • NACAC Mountain Running Champion 2019
  • USA Trail 50k Champion 2019
  • 2 x XTERRA World Trail Champion 2018-19
  • USA Skyrunning Classic Champion 2018
  • Broken Arrow 26k Champion 2018
  • The Rut 28k (World Skyrunner Series Race) - 2nd place 2018


IG @dan_yell_a