Coree Woltering

Coree is an athlete for The North Face, endurance coach, and lover of the outdoors. Coree brings a unique perspective to the sport, as he lives and trains in Illinois (#CornfieldCowboys), but races in the mountains.



There is not a surface or distance that he does not enjoy racing, all while rocking a speedo. Coree started as a 400m/800m from middle school through college, before transitioning to longer races. He thought he wanted to become a professional triathlete, but a friend got him hooked on trail running. Turns out, it was a great choice.

5:30:15 at 2016 Tunnel Hill 50 Miles 

2:26 at 2016 Chicago Marathon

2nd at 2018 American River 50M & Quicksilver 50k

3rd at 2017 The Dunes 100 Mile

4th at 2018 Superior 100 Mile

1st at Frozen Gnome 50K 

2x Ironman 70.3 World Championship Finisher
18 Ultramarathon Podiums (as of Jan 2019)