Abby Hall


Abby Hall is a trail and ultra runner for adidas TERREX living in Boulder, Colorado.

Abby ran her first trail race when she was 12 years old (and won a pie!). Her childhood was full of family trips out to Colorado, where mountains like Longs Peak cast a spell on her at a young age.

Ever since, she’s been a lifelong runner, but found most enjoyment and success in the sport when she discovered the unique world of ultras in 2016. Since then, she's risen to compete in races and mountain objectives around the world ranging from marathons to 100 miles and beyond. In the last couple years, she's placed 8th at CCC at UTMB, 4th at The North Face 50 Mile, 6th at Lake Sonoma 50 Mile and won races like Red Hot 55k and Silver Rush 50.


As much as she loves racing, she’s always got mountain objectives up her sleeves and loves a good FKT project. Her favorite personal accomplishment is her solo, unsupported speed attempt on the 223-mile John Muir Trail in 4d11h20m where she ran the second fastest women’s time and sixth fastest on the route’s unsupported history.

By day, she works as a designer at a digital product agency, is an avid baker and house project DIYer alongside her husband, Cordis.

Her favorite Spring product is the Speednut, which she consumed 5,000 calories of on the JMT! 


 Top Career Finishes

8th place at UTMB - CCC (2019)

4th place at The North Face 50 Mile Championships (2019)

2nd place at INFINITE Trails World Championships (2019)

1st place at Moab Red Hot 55k (2019)

1st place at Monument Valley Half Marathon (2019)

15th place at Hong Kong 100k

6th place at Lake Sonoma 50 (2018)

1st place at Silver Rush 50 (2018)

2nd place at Fun Trails 50k in Chichibu, Japan (2018)

7th place at The North Face 50 Mile Championships (2017)

1st place at Blue Sky Marathon (2017)

2nd place at Dirty 30 50k (2017)

2nd place at Quad Rock 25M (2017)

2nd place at Austin Rattler 66k (2017)

1st place at Silverton Alpine 50k (2016)

2x finisher of Leadville 100



Additional Accomplishments

Completed the Nüümü Poyo / John Muir Trail unsupported in 4d11h20m, second fastest unsupported women’s time ever.

Fastest Known Time on Boulder’s Mount Sanitas Loop, 34m6s

Fastest Known Time (unsupported) on Cottonwood-Marble Loop in Death Valley National Park, 5h43m3s.

Fastest Known Time (unsupported, mixed gender team) with Cordis Hall on Telescope Peak from Shorty’s Well. (11h32m58s)